Avoid invalid weight loss methods

posted on 31 May 2013 21:08 by zixiutangslimqw

No rice, No oil and only eat low-calorie foods ...... too extreme weight loss method may let you lost, but it is difficult to maintain for a long-term, let’s have a look at the wrong weight loss methods, if you want to reduce without rebounding, avoid them


1. Single food diet: the rate of weight regain is highest

Rebounding rate: 95%.

Many girls eat a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes to reduce weight, zixiutang slimming capsules they can indeed see the good effect at the very beginning, but we have to remind you that the rebounding rate of reducing weight with single food is highest. Single foods usually has only one or several simple nutrients, the body's metabolism will gradually degraded if it can’t get a complete reasonable nutritional intake, the body function will gradually become bad. Even more frightening is that because the body's uptake has been disorder, just a little something else will cause weight regain

Only take free-wheat bran food
Often eat this kind of food will make you miss the most important nutrients in whole grain foods, such as folic acid and fiber. Wheat bran free is not equivalent to low-calorie. If you have no celiac disease or lactose intolerance, do not always eat food without wheat bran, wheat bran containing foods will allow you accelerate intestinal peristalsis and bring you a very strong sense of satiety, allowing you to reduce the staple food intake, thus reduce weight faster.


Rebound- Fight method:

Try to ingest some of the other foods, such as fish, mushrooms, vegetables etc, they are good food to stay fit, remember that as long as the intake of fats is not too much, moderate consumption of other foods won’t let you get fat. Of course, zxt diet capsules  if you eating and drinking  without thinking after losing weight, no matter what method you once took, the rebouding is inevitable, so be sure to pay attention to control the diet after weight loss, it won’t wrong to eat less but exercise more

Tips you can’t believe if you want to lose weight

posted on 29 May 2013 15:57 by zixiutangslimqw

Women always believe many things easily as long as it is said to be good for weight loss, however, some practices are harmful to the body, you shouldn’t do that.


First, no meat and no oil to reduce weight

eat a lot of meat and oil is clearly harmful to the body but small and reasonably eating is necessary for women because there are nutrient in the meat and oil which other foods don’t have, vegetables, fruits can’t replace meat and oil directly

People who are losing weight - protein can increase satiety, zixiutang bee pollen capsules slightly increase the protein intake when reducing weight

Menstruating women and patients with anemia - anemia is mostly caused by lack of protein and iron, and these two nutrients exist more in meat, so anemia crowd must eat meat, it is best to take pork, beef, mutton and other red meat. Women should also eat meat at menstrual period

Second, take only vegetables

Vegetarian is the most reasonable way, this is wrong. zxt diet capsules Completely vegetarians may lack a lot of nutrients, such as iron that women need is very rarely in vegetables. Some people may say no, there is a lot of iron in spinach, celery, but we should note that the most critical of nutrients is not its content, but its absorption rate, it is actually meaningless if the absorption rate is very low , Iron content in Celery and spinach is not low, but the uptake efficiency of the iron of they two is only 1/30 of the one in liver and red meat


Third, the thinner, the more beautiful and the healthier

It is not to day that the thinner the better, on the contrary too thin can cause a lot of trouble, and even lead to mortality increased


Fourth, sugar-free cola is harmless.

Sugar-free cola is equally harmful, there's a lot of caffeine in it drink a tin of cola everyday will lead to an annual increase of 20 pounds.

Drink water correctly to lose weight

posted on 24 May 2013 21:06 by zixiutangslimqw

Drinking water is a relatively popular way to lose weight, but will it be able to lean casually drink? This is wrong, we need to drink water in a scientific method to achieve the desired effect


1, What shall we drink?
Fresh water is the best choice. ziutang bee pollen reduce weight Boiled water is comes from the layers of purification the natural state of water and microbes have been killed during boiling, while calcium and magnesium in water is very good for the body skin. Studies have shown that hard water which contains calcium, magnesium elements have a preventive effect of accelerated aging.


Many people think that drinking salt water is conducive to good health and aging, so drink salt water in the early morning, this understanding is wrong. people do not drink water all night, but breathing, perspiration, urinary are still in progress, these physiological activity consumes a lot of water, it is best not to drink fruit juice, cola, soft drinks, coffee, milk and other beverages in the early morning. Soda and cola and other carbonated drinks mostly contain citric acid, weight loss pills zxt bee pollen they will speed up the excretion of calcium in the metabolism and lower the calcium in the blood, long-term drinking can cause skin bleak. While some drinks have a diuretic effect, drink in the morning will not only let the body can not effectively supplement the lack of water, but  increase the body’s demand for water, or causing dry skin.


2. How much to drink?
A healthy person should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water (about 2.5 liters) everyday, after large amount of exercise or in hot weather, water intake should increase accordingly. Wake up early in the morning is a critical moment to supplement the water for the body, drink 300 milliliters of water at this moment is very good